Toll Free Number a Benefit to Organization for the Elderly

Lau Ghioc is concerned for the world’s elderly, especially those in Romania. He established an organization called Fellowship Academy and Center for Eternity to aid those who have no family, or have no relatives able to care for them. As of June, 2007, a three-story facility for the elderly is under construction in Romania, with the final stage scheduled for the summer of 2008. Ghioc is based in Hope Sound, Florida, where he runs his personal business, in addition to the non-profit organization. The official launch date of the organization was in February, 2007; two months later, Ghioc saw the need for a toll free number.

A non-profit organization depends on the donations of people who care.

Supporters want to know that the majority of their donation is being used to help the target audience of the charity.

Ghioc’s contacts stretch across the USA, and he relies on his toll free number, which he acquired from, to keep the costs of running the non-profit organization to a minimum. Ghioc was able to view the rates online before he chose Ghioc says, “I am very happy with the prices offers.”

His contacts appreciate the freedom to call him toll free without being bound by time zones and running up expensive phone bills. This freedom has boosted the response he has received from individuals who might not otherwise take the opportunity to call and ask questions or find out how they can contribute.

Ghioc employs a unique philosophy when he presents his organization to groups. Rather than pressuring an audience to contribute, he simply educates them about the need and what FACE is doing about it. “I trust God for whatever we need to operate. I just leave it there.” Supporters evidently do care about the elderly; as of this writing, the tile is being placed on the roof of the facility in Romania.

FACE’s website at is currently under construction. In the meantime, Ghioc’s toll free number is crucial to running the organization. Because specializes in small businesses that are budget conscious, FACE, and many businesses and non-profit organizations like them, reap the benefit.

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