Toll Free Number Gives Posh Appearance

What is the key to getting your product from startup phase to swag bag in no time flat? Ask PoshAir Founder and CEO, Darlisa Crawford. Since launching the company’s first product, a “PoshAir” which is a patent pending travel blanket intended for long haul international flights, it has been featured on many major media outlets as well as SkyMall which reaches 155 million passengers per quarter. In addition, the company, located in Chandler, Arizona, helped welcome Fashion Week to New York City by including their PoshAir in celebrity swag bags for the Fashion Rocks event. So, how can celebrities like Beyonce or Tim McGraw get another PoshAir? It’s easy. Contact the company via their toll-free number 1-888-9-PoshAir.

Ms. Crawford knew when she was organizing the company that she needed a toll-free number so that the company and product would be perceived as legitimate. Next, she did some research on the internet and selected her toll-free service provider, TollFreeNumber.ORG. There she was able to not only get a toll-free number that is directed to any phone number of her choosing, but she was also able to acquire a custom toll-free number, 1-888-9-PoshAir. “I’m a start up company,” said Ms. Crawford, “To have that [toll-free] number just makes us look really polished, and people take us seriously. It’s great to put on a business card, and it’s a great asset.”

Do start up companies really need to invest in a toll-free number?

Absolutely Using service providers like TollFreeNumber.ORG, the costs can be low while still maintaining great service. Getting a toll-free number is a must in today’s marketplace to let your customers know that your company is the real deal. Consumer research also shows that having a toll-free number can also attract more customers. Ms. Crawford concurs, “The toll-free number is such a wonderful asset and benefit. It gives the appearance of being larger than you are. It gives you accessibility to a nationwide potential customer base.”

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